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Διατροφή Το ρητό "είμαστε ότι τρώμε" το γνωρίζεις?

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Although no child will get up to this weight, it gives you a peace of mind knowing that they are constructed for heavy duty use. 3). Parental Control Lock. A mechanism located on the front of the tricycle that locks the handle bars in the forward position by pushing the knob up and down. This ensures that when pushing you are in control of the direction of the tricycle. 4). Auto-Freewheel. A Kettler engineering feature that allows the front wheel to go around while the peddles remain stationery. This allows your little one to easily ride without the peddles rotating around and hitting them in the feet. It also allows the Kettler Footrest to easily be placed over the peddles to allow a larger platform for your rider to place their feet. The autofreewheel is automatically engaged, so once your child grows and is ready to peddle and puts pressure on the peddles the trike functions just as a standard tricycle. This 3 in 1 pedal system, allows for reverse peddling for braking , just like an old fashioned bicycle, or keep the pedals motionless for coasting action. 5). Quick Adjust Frame. Multiple position adjustable frame allows the tricycle to grow with your child. With the Quik-Adjust? knob you make the switch in seconds. 6). Compact Storage. This features allows the tricycles to be easily broken down into two pieces, which is great for use during traveling or for storing. Features Included in All Kettler Tricycles Kettler HKS tricycles? features are impressive, but it is just the start. All Kettler tricycles including the non-HKS models, the Kettler Junior Tricycle and Kettler Blossom Tricycle , include the following: 1). Five Year Anti-Fade Paint Guarantee. All Kettler tricycles are painted using a special powder coating method. The tricycles are prepared with a computerized process and then encased in a multi step, high-quality, lead free, environmentally safe and water based powder coat paint that is guaranteed not to fade for 5 years. 2) Made In Germany. All Kettler tricycles are made in Kettler?s state-of-the-art German factory. Producing their tricycles in-house ensures that Kettler?s quality control and products are second to none. 3). Limited Turn Radius. Internal mechanism restricts the handlebars and front wheel from turning more than 45 degrees left or right, which along with a low center of gravity radically reducing the danger of tipping. This is a feature not commonly found in many of Kettler?s competitors? and is often a deciding factor when choosing a Kettler trike. 4). Includes A Push-Bar. All current Kettler tricycle models include a push-bar. This will be a life saver on the parents? back during the early years of your tricycle experience. 5). Ability To Adjust. All Kettler tricycles come with seat adjustments , frame adjustments or both. This allows the tricycles to grow as your child grows. 6). Frame Warranty. All Kettler tricycles come with a manufacturer?s warranty on the frame. HKS models include a five year warranty, while all other models come with a three year manufacturers frame warranty. Other Special Kettler Tricycle Features 1). Kettler Navigation System. Included on the HKS Air Navigator and HKS Navigator models, the navigation feature adds ease to steering for the parents. A mechanism located below the back wheel, when turned on it allows the parents to swivel the back wheels by going side to side with the pushbar. No wires, no cables , it is as easy to turn onoff as flipping the switch! 2). Safety Handbrake. Tricycles without the navigation system come with a safety handbrake. This includes the HKS Air Happy, HKS Jumbo, Junior and Blossom tricycles. Although most children end up using the peddles to brake, the handbrake gives a second stopping option for these trikes. 3). Air Tires. Included on the HKS Air Navigator and HKS Air Happy, these are real tubeless air tires on ball bearings that make for the smoothest ride in town. And don?t worry they typically don?t go flat unlike automobiles that obviously travel at much higher speeds. 4). Great Tires. Models that don?t come with the air tires come with Synthetic MaxXtread tires. These are hard plastic tires with built in traction. Like all Kettler parts , the tires have been built to last and will not lose traction or split even with years of use. 5). Tipping Rear Bucket. The HKS Air Navigator, HKS Navigator, HKS Jumbo, Junior and Blossom tricycles all come with a yellow tipping rear bucket. A lever allows the bucket to be fully tipped for easy transporting and dumping. The bucket is solidly constructed and can be used for anything from carrying plush toys to hauling sand. 6). Jumbo Size Seats. The HKS Air Navigator and HKS Jumbo come with a large ?jumbo? sized seat. Although, this means that they do not have the seat adjustments , they do still come with the easy to use frame adjustments. The seat size of a jumbo seat compensates for what you lose not having a seat adjustment and makes for a more comfortable ride as childr .
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