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Προεπιλογή Canadas Christine Nesbitt added to her gold-medal

ASTANA, Kazakhstan -- Canadas Christine Nesbitt added to her gold-medal collection Sunday, winning the 1,500 metres at a long-track speedskating World Cup. wholesale jerseys . The London, Ont., native then teamed up with Ivanie Blondin of Ottawa and Brittany Schussler of Winnipeg to win the team pursuit. Nesbitt, who has two gold and a bronze in the 1,500 metres this season, raced to a time of one minute 57.18 seconds. Dutch teammates Marrit Leenstra and Linda de Vries took silver (1:57.29) and bronze (1:57.30). "It was an OK race. I had a good opener and first lap, so the first 700 metres was decent," Nesbitt said. "In the last two laps I was struggling to keep smooth. My last lap was painful but it was just enough to hold off a win. "Its a nice way to finish the 1,500 World Cups this fall. Im definitely looking forward to coming back this winter and finishing stronger." In the womens team pursuit, Canadas threesome improved on their bronze-medal finish from their World Cup opener in the Netherlands. They crossed in 2:58.40, 2.15 seconds faster than South Korea. The Netherlands won bronze in 3:00.71. "It was definitely a tough mental race to get through but knowing that I had Brittany and Christine there by my side made it all that much easier," Blondin said. "This is our third year all training together, which is why we are able to work so well as a team. We know each others strengths and weaknesses. It makes it all that much easier to work together, be strong and be able to skate like we did today." wholesale nfl jerseys . -- Zach Johnson made a quadruple-bogey 8 on his second hole and still managed a 67 in the Honda Classic on Thursday. cheap jerseys . Shortly after climbing to within 3.SAN FRANCISCO -- Barry Bonds lawyers filed their reply brief Thursday in their appeal of his obstruction of justice conviction, arguing it should be overturned. The next step is for the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to set a date for oral arguments in the case of the career home run leader. A hearing before a three-judge panel is likely late this year, with a decision possible in 2013. A jury in April 2011 found Bonds guilty on the obstruction count, which stemmed from his statement to the grand jury that he was a "celebrity child." The jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict on three counts charging him with making false statements to a grand jury in 2003 when he denied using performance-enhancing drugs and testified he allowed only doctors to inject him. The government then dropped the other charges. "The district courts instructions on the (obstruction) offence were plagued by error," Bonds lawyers wrote. Bonds lawyers claim, among other things, his answer was not material to the grand jury that was investigating the illegal distribution of performance-enhancing drugs, that the answer was truthful but unresponsive and that Bonds answered a similar question later in his testimony. In their brief last month, prosecutors claimeed Bonds response was intended to mislead the grand jury and the conviction should be upheld. cheap jerseys from china. . U.S. District Judge Susan Illstons jury instructions on the obstruction charge said that for the jury to find Bonds guilty, the government had to prove he gave "material testimony that was intentionally evasive, false or misleading." On the count Bonds was convicted, Bonds was asked whether Greg Anderson, his personal trainer, ever gave him "anything that required a syringe to inject yourself with?" Bonds referred to his father, major leaguer Bobby Bonds, when he responded "thats what keeps our friendship. You know, I am sorry, but that -- you know, that -- I was a celebrity child, not just in baseball by my own instincts. I became a celebrity child with a famous father. I just dont get into other peoples business because of my fathers situation, you see ..." "The governments responding brief is an impressive work of misdirection and artful framing," Bonds lawyers wrote, adding: "although the obstruction statute has existed for nearly two centuries, the government cannot point to a single case where a defendant has been found guilty of obstruction based on truthful testimony under oath." ' ' '
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Ανανέωση της σελίδας Canadas Christine Nesbitt added to her gold-medal


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