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Προεπιλογή We could build Runescape games

And the big thing for Runescape Gold a lot of us, especially with guys getting older and having families, we thought we could build an environment where we could build Runescape games and not kill guys. Not slack off, but not throw the pool table in the studio and go "Here's some free food, and more pop! Stay here forever! Eat the magical fruit!" We realize that there's a whole life outside of making video Runescape games. And for a lot of guys, when they come to work, they're fresh, they're immersed in it, they're excited by it. They want to come to work they're not dragged in. It's worked out really, really well. And it's the kind of place where people want to stay not all the time, but when they're there, they're happy.Again, another Miyamoto san quote, but he always asks us, "Is the Runescape team having fun? Are they having fun making Runescape game?" It's really important that the Runescape team's enjoying themselves there, because they feel and I agree that if you're miserable it'll follow suit in your job. How are you supposed to make an engaging Nintendo game that's actually fun? We don't do the gimmicky stuff that you hear a lot about.Free sushi and back rubs.JC: Yeah. And don't get me wrong. We have the odd late night here and there. But we're not set up to incent people just to stay and demand long hours. KY: What we've built is built for the long term. When I come into the company, the reason I was brought in was to help establish the studio for the long term. They had a vision of the culture, and what they wanted the company to be about. I think we take care of people. For us that means more than just giving people stuff to do. That's not taking care of them. Taking care of them means paying attention to what you enjoy. What do you want to do? Recognizing their family lives, and working around and trying to balance all of those kinds of things. I really think the way in which we do that makes people want to stay and engage. And if you look at, pound for pound against the EAs well, yeah. EA's got a gym. EA's got free food. EA's got massages. Well, we don't have all that stuff, but yet we have people who are fully engaged, and enjoy what they do, and are happy. It's interesting that when you say "happy" well, how do you define that? How do you get them to that place?Did you want to grow any bigger or are you satisfied with where you're at?JC: We did get bigger for a while. We got up to four Runescape teams. We were about , people. We spread ourselves way too thin. We had heard from other developer friends, "You need to have at least three Runescape teams that's the magic number, blah blah, blah," just from a financial perspective.Cycling people off projects.JC: Totally. All that sort of stuff. We just ended up making shitty Runescape games, really. We spread ourselves way too thin.
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